How to migrate BABE from Windows XP to Windows 7

1. Download BABE version 3.05 from the support section of our website here.

2. Install the software on the Windows 7 PC.

3. Copy the data folder and Config folder from the old PC to the new PC. Normally these files are located in c:\program files(x86)\babe\data and c:\program files(x86)\babe\cofig. If you are using a network version of BABE, please ask your network administrator for assistance in locating the files.

4. Transfer the purple USB key to the new PC.

5. Start BABE on the new PC. You should be able to see all of your stored reports.

6. If you are running the network version of BABE and do not see all of your stored reports, make sure that the path specified for the BABE database is correct (Main Menu - Options - Database Functions - Open another database).