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This section is completely customizable. e.g. Perinatologist, Obstetrician, Ref. Physician, etc.

You can also display additional fields for history, insurance, etc. You decide.

Title Details

You can highlight EDD, GA, weight, placenta, presentation, and/or amniotic fluid.

Your summary section can be short and simple or long and detailed, which ever you prefer

Gestational age: calculated from the LMP, previous sonograms, and fetal measurements, using internal formulas (e.g. Hadlock) or user-defined tables

Summary Details

You can choose up to twelve measurements and decide which ones to use in the calculations.

Measurement tables: BABE provides BPD, FL, AC, HC, CRL, Sac ,Orbital size, Orbital diameters, Liver and Kidney size, Humerus, Radius, Ulna, tibia, and Fibula length. Any fetal measurement can be added as a table.

Percentiles can be calculated by LMP or previous sonograms. You can turn GA Range and Percentiles on/off at any time.

Measurement Details

You can turn Gestational Age, Weight, and Indices on/off at any time! The Gestational Age section allows you to display all GA methods, which can include today's measurements, LMP, and all previous sonograms.

Previous exam data can be displayed in this section.

Weight can be based on Shepard, Hadlock, or both.

GA Details

Put your own anatomy list and disclaimer here. A summary of Antenatal testing data can appear here as well.

Custom Data, multiple choice questions about anatomy that only require one key stroke, can be viewed in this section.

Comments: built-in word processor lets you add comments to the report. One-touch addition of a user-defined comments (single line or multiple lines) are supported.

Add an automatic signature, such as referring physician, to the bottom of your report.

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