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  Want to see productivity statistics
for sonographers and physicians?

BABEStat™ offers valuable statistics to your organization.

This option creates productivity statistics in BABE™. You have the ability to generate and graph annual productivity statistics for sonographers, interpreting physicians, and referring physicians. Generate statistics to find out whether you meet/exceed credentialing requirements. Graph productivity for your entire practice or for a single site. Graph personal productivity and/or compare against other sonographers/physicians.

Individual Sonographer - displays monthly productivity of any sonographer.
Sonographer Comparison - compares productivity of your sonographers.
Individual Reading Physician - displays monthly productivity of any reading physician.
Reading Physician Comparison - compares productivity of your reading physicians.
Individual Referring Physician - displays monthly referral count for any referring physician.
Referring Physician Comparison - compares the referral volumes of your physicians.
Monthly Practice Volume - displays monthly productivity of the entire practice.
Site Volume Comparison - compares the number of exams performed at each of your sites.

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