BabeGYN Doc

BABEGYN™ is a user-friendly application to report your GYN ultrasound exams. BABEGYN™ seamlessly integrates with BABE™ OB giving you the same access to productivity statistics, report faxing, report emailing, database queries, and network support.

The GYN report includes detailed descriptions of the uterus and adnexa. For ART/IVF applications, follicle size can be tracked and graphed. The layout of BABEGYN™ is very similar to the OB report. The BABEGYN™ software is divided into several sections including: demographics, clinical data, description of uterus, and adnexa.

There are two versions of BABEGYN™: Basic and Network.  To learn more about the Basic and Network systems, please refer to the BABE™ product page for a description of the two types of BABE™ systems.

 BABEGYN report image