About Medical Soft

Medical Soft, Inc. was established in 1990. Medical Soft's primary focus is in the Ultrasound industry, specifically Obstetrics and Gynecology. We strive to provide our users with top quality and easy-to-use products at a low price. Our flagship software, BABE™, is used in Hospitals, clinics, and private offices throughout the United States.

About BABE

BABE™ software was created by Bruce E. Hall in 1987 in Baltimore, Maryland. He combined his knowledge of computers and the medical field along with the needs of sonographers and the sonologists at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Sonographers were always happy to let Bruce know if they wanted a feature or two to make their lives easier and he responded. Sonographers felt comfortable talking to Bruce and always gave their true opinions! Some sonographers were not comfortable with a computer program or a computer. Bruce tried to make it easier for them to use and understand the software without much knowledge of a computer.

BABE™ has since gone through many stages of rigorous testing and upgrading. We have created very easy to use and simple to understand obstetric ultrasound software. Some software companies offer complex reporting systems far beyond BABE™’s capabilities. But they often come with too many complicated screens and unnecessary features for the sonographers to remember. BABE™ makes the task of creating a report a simple, straight forward task.

From inception, BABE™ has been a very friendly program. While many Windows® based OB calc programs force you to use a mouse, BABE™ gives you a choice. If you do not have time to sit down and operate a mouse, BABE™ lets you use the keyboard to enter the report. This choice was incorporated into Windows® BABE™ based on numerous comments we received while users and potential users were trying out other Windows® based software.

We always make it our point to listen to our customers. How you feel and how friendly the software is to you matters to us. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions about our program. Your suggestion may be in the next release!

Mission Statement

Unlike other companies, BABE™ started out as shareware. Our mission is to offer a high quality, simple and easy-to-use software at a low cost. BABE™ was created by a physician for ultrasound professionals. At Medical Soft, Inc. we listen to our users, and design our software based on your current and future needs. Our products are thoroughly tested.

We strive for simplicity in our products. We understand most ultrasound professionals do not have time to learn complex software. BABE™ makes OB/GYN ultrasound reporting a simple task. If you do not use a mouse, you can use the keyboard. Single key strokes can pull up predetermined information, such as physician and sonographer names, comments, exam notes, and patient information.

What do you think about BABE™? Please take a minute to share your thoughts with us so we can work to better serve you. BABE™ Survey